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Grammar for Beginners


What are they?

Example: Omsk is a city. The Urals are mountains.



The Moskva

The Caspian Sea

Article or no article?

North America

Lake Baikal


Red Square

Trafalgar Square

I live Roslavl.

Take the book the table.

Usually we go the college.

Our lesson begins 9 oclock the morning.

Come me.

My father a man.

be b) is c) are

They friends.

be b) is c) are

My money been stolen.

has b) have

They to be in love.

seems b) seem

there any more balls?

Is b) Are

His wife and son waiting.

was b) were

I dont like

waits b) wait c) waiting

Did she go?

go b) went c) gone

Does she fast?

run b) went c) running

Can they to England?

fly b) flew c) flown

They the house last year.

build b) built c) building

Who did you ?meet b) met c) meeting

The news good.

was b) were

Everybody waiting outside.

isb) are c) -

Eric a lot of fish.

eats b) eat c) catch

Some of us late.

was b) were

Where my glasses?

is b) are c)

It started

sudden b) suddenly c) quick

They work very

hard b) hardly c) harder

Do you study French?

a b) an c)

Our car is than you.

new b) newer c) newly

do you live?

Where b) Which c) What

He did it .himself b) herself c) themselves

They have sold house.

their b) theirs c) them

Ill tomorrow.

return b) returned c) returning

Things children play with are called

tools b) toys c) toils

Autumn has come. There are hardly any left on the trees.

sheets b) greens c) leaves

The teacher told the girls to leave the room, but they didnt to him.

listen b) oppose c) object

I think America was by Columbus.

upturned b) invented c) discovered

Could you please my books for me.

wear b) care c) carry

, . . .


The poor men grew very thin and week. They were beginning to lose all hope of life, when great flocks of penguins to the beach. Now the sailors could get a lot of penguin eggs which were good to eat. So the penguins saved their lives. The penguins stayed for about three months; when their young ones could swim, they all disappeared one night in the direction of the south.

Far out in the Atlantic Ocean, about midway between Africa and South America and over a thousand miles from the land, there is a group of three small islands.

Sometime after a ship landed there, and the sailors left the island. They told many interesting things about penguins.

For six months the sailors lived very well. They killed many seals and hunted wild pigs and goats. Then a sad accident happened: there was a terrible storm in the sea and their ship sank with all their meat and guns. Now they were shut up in that little island. Winter was coming on, and they had very little food to eat.

Two sailors, who knew and liked this peaceful place, decided to live there for some time. There were very many seals there, and they could catch and kill them for food. They built a hut near the shore, where there was a beautiful waterfall of sweet spring water. They could climb up high hills where there were wild pigs and goats.

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1, b. 2, c. 3, a. 4, b. 5, b. 6, b. 7, c. 8, a. 9, a. 10, a. 11, b. 12, a. 13, a. 14, a. 15, a. 16, b. 17, b. 18, b.19, a. 20, a. 21, c. 22, b. 23, a. 24, a. 25, a. 26, a. 27, d. 28, c. 29, a. 30, c.

b, e, d, a, c



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